why music is importantWhat can I see on your website?
Our website is filled with articles and blogs about a wide range of topics concerning music. We provide updated information about famous music artists and we also provide news about their gigs, tours and album release. Our website also features articles from our contributors. Usually, these contributors share their experiences and their insights about a certain music topic. We welcome any form of contributions as we make our website interactive.

Who are the musicians that can be found on your website?
We want to feature as many musicians as we can. We want to make sure that we provide updated information about them, including the latest news and trends. On our website, our readers can pick an option of which country they want to be updated. Upon choosing a country, a list of musicians from that specific country will appear.



How can I contribute to your website?
Anyone can contribute their articles to our website as long as they sign up for membership. They can have full access of all the features of Cooncerto once they sign up as members. They can access other people’s articles and they can also create their own.


Is your membership free?
Yes. We encourage our users to sign up as members for the website since it is free of charge. With this, it would be easier for us to identify which type of people we cater our messages for. We also want to analyze our demographics.


Do you accept any articles provided that we are a member?
Our editorial team will filter all the submissions of our contributors. From the pool of articles, our team would choose which ones are ready for publishing. You may send your articles to submissions@cooncerto.org.